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Erica Rockwell-Woodruff

Mojo Yoga Studio
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Yoga Bio:
Erica began practicing Hot yoga in 2007 under the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga. She then received her 200 hour Hot Yoga certification in 2009 in South Florida under Jimmy Barkan and the Barkan method of Hot Yoga.

Erica is a mother of four and she discovered yoga after her second son was born to alleviate sore muscles from old gymnastics injuries and to remedy the stress from being a mom of young children, but did not truly get the benefit of the asana until she practiced Hot Yoga. The transformation that happened in that 90 minutes was life altering. It was then and there she knew she was meant to facilitate this beautiful evolutionary process for others.

Erica’s classes are designed to take you through the whole process of a moving meditation. The element of heat is there to replicate the temperature of Calcutta India where yoga grew. The heat assists the muscles and other crucial systems in opening safely. Sweating helps to eliminate toxins from the body so that you can renew yourself physically, mentally, cellularly, as well as spiritually. Yoga is literally integration. It is a deep honoring of all systems and their function. We get an opportunity to encounter our whole being directly to gain a broader perspective of the state of things. We get to deepen our relationship with our body and to notice where our energy is stagnant or where it is vital and free flowing. With a consistent practice we begin to heal old wounds and create more productive patterns. We cultivate more of a caring nature toward ourselves and others. The results begin to compound. Our body feels not only more pliant but stronger and more aware. There is something very meaningful about taking the time out of our busy lives to focus on mindfully moving and tuning in. In these classes you will hopefully get a work out and a work in.

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