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Dee Schillinger

Yoga Gypsy
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Springdale, AR
I feel like this is such a loaded question: "Why do you teach yoga?" I suppose I am still figuring out the 'why' part of that question. It's like I know the question, I have been asked this by other, and myself, but the answer is in constant movement and evolution. Which makes me believe that the ‘why’ part of teaching yoga will be a lifelong answer. But for now, here is my current perspective upon the WHY… I teach because of the empowerment I receive from my students; to be able to guide, listen, and instruct a room full of harmonic breath is electrifying. When I graduated college, all I knew was that I was going to help people and strive to make a difference in the world. Once again, I had the question, but no answer. Then, yoga literally fell into my world, and when it fell-- it (the practice of yoga) hit me HARD. It was a real wake up call. Every day I feel like my eyes become less important and I awaken with a clearer vision within my heart. For me, it’s my heart that is able to see, or rather feel, the truth amidst what this practice offers. As we all know, the truth is not always pleasant or even welcomed. I am passionate about helping my students, teachers, and my Self unearth our own personal truths to be able to live the purest, most raw and unsaturated, happiest, freest life possible. It's not always easy… Fortunately, as yogis, we have an opportunity to fall upon an incredible history and community to share our energy, truths, tears, laughter, and most intimate moments on our mats with. And this, to me, is one of the most important things we can do to help our Self heal and rediscover who we REALLY are. So that is why I continue to teach yoga; that is why I have begun this journey of service and dedication to my community and to my Self to truly be the change that I wish to see in this world. After all, doesn’t it begin and end with us?

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Saturday, November 9

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